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WELCOME in my studio but just make an appointment.

2019 In the exhibition Precious Animal; at Museum M0hlmann in Appingendam
My installation Floating, isto be seen (mixed media) www.museumm;
2019 THE BOX Gallery, Athens ""Waterpaly"; 1-3 until 1-4.
2019 Varmezo Gallery, Budapest "Harvest". 19 -2 - 17 -3
2019 Gallery Pictura Groningen "Bevings" 27-1 - 10-3
2018 Exhibition Paperart; Kunstencentrum K38, Roden.12 Oct - 6 Nov
2018 ART MARKET BUDAPEST Millenaris Cultural centre Budapest Hungary-
photos 11-14 Oct
2018 2nd International Art Triennial DIGITAL AGORA.House of Arts in Szekszard,Hungary; SeptOct
2018 PIXEL ART BUDAPEST Vision Tower gallery VISION Gachon South Korea; photos-Sept

2018 Museum Huize Venendal; objects; paperart + mixed media 3-3 until 22-4
2017 MET gallery in Budapest December. GEMINIDS; rain of stars.
2017 University gallery in Kaposvár Hungary; Eastethics of mistake;
2017 70 Years looking,finding,imagination30-09 + 1-10 RechthuisAduard solo exhibition
2017 "Sources of light" gallery d Olivier Bonnin Paris with MET photo exhibition
2017 different exhibitions with photo's in Budapest MET + Pannonhalma gallery Hungary
2017 International exhibition of small form electrografic art
B32 Gallery Budapest MATRICES 2017 with 8 of my works

2016 Bookart exhibition Grafische centrum ( st jansstraat 2 )Groningen 20 nov - 15 jan.
2016 Galery 'Dekunsten' Be Birza te Deventer paper- and art;
2016 Budapest: MET Galery photos with 2 Hungarian artists
2016 Bartók at the Vízivárosi Gallery.Budapest
2016 ART MARKET 2016 - International Contemporary Art Fair
2016 XVIII National Contemporary Art Tryst Festival of Contemporary Dance in Veszprém with dance photo,s from Bali
2016 Pécs Nostalgia Tram Gallery te Budapest -Hungary;photo's on travel and electricity
2016 XVIII National Contemporary Art Tryst Festival of Contemporary Dance ;Veszprém foto,s - photos on dance in Bali

OUT OF THE BLUE jewelry exhibition at galery Pictura in Groningen
From March 6th till April 17th The opening is 6the March at 16.00
Some of my jewels will be showed there.

XS (extra small)
exhibition from VERKUNO 30 March April 24th
Galery K38, Kanaalstraat 38 te Roden opens April 1th 20.00 hours
6 small objects and 4 collage of me will be seen there

Saturday 21 november at 16.00 opens ATTENTIE a small afordable artwork exhibition from 13 artists; From me there will be jewellery and objects( mixed media).
gallery ARTEMISIA in kunstzaken te Leeuwarden Eewal 98
do, vr en zaterdag van 12.30 17.00

Present art sell exhibition at the Pronkkoamer Saakzumhuizen From 14 nov -20 dec.2015 .
More then 30 atists offer their work for small prizes up to 150.-- Gallery for modern art Saaxumhuizerweg 2, 9957NH Saaxumhuizen; open Sa en Sunday van 10.30 tot 17.00 uur

In Budapest in GALLERY MET my work is in the Winterexhibition end november tot end January 2016.

ART MARKET 2015 - International Contemporary Art Fair
Budapest 8- 11 October 2015
With HEAA; Hungarian Electrographic Art Association

Paper art manifestation PAPIER IN BEWEGING( Paper on the move)
in the paper art exhibition CODA Paper Art in the CODA museum Apeldoorn
zaterdag 19 september, 11.00-17.00 uur
zondag 20 september, 13.00-17.00 uur

Monumental moncs work Route 99
Za/zo 5/6 en 12/13 sept 12.00 17.00 uur
t Rechthuis Burgemeester seinenstraat 3 Aduard

Paper in movement
5 september tot 1 oktober
Studio 28 Stationstraat 28 7311NT Apeldoorn

The International Art Triennial DIGITAL AGORA:LIGHT
19th September 31st October 2015
House of Arts 28 Szent István tér H-7100 Szekszárd ,Hungary

5 x 5 small art expo
6 september t/m 18 oktober 2015 Pictura
Martinikerkhof 26, 9712 JH Groningen

EXPOSITIE Heilige huisjes
Galerie: Artemisia in kunstzaken in de Rotondekerk te Terband 28 juni 16.00- 9 augustus 2015
Za & zo 13.30 17.00 uur Pastorielaan 12 8449 BE Terband

Art route "Open Stal" te Oldenbekoop 11 July t/m 9 August 2015.
In Galerie Peter Hiemstra- With Waddialogue from EVANDA ( Wianda Keizer en Eva Kipp)

KUNST AAN HUIS Art at home studio route Lauwersland
7/8 en 14/15 Maart 2015
My studio will be open from 11-17.00 uur; Welcom!

11 oktober 2014 t/m 15 maart 2015.
Wadden & Wierdenland - reality and imagination- by 9 members of route 99
Museum Wierdenland Van Swinderenweg 10 9891 AD Ezinge

november 2014
Kunstmaand Ameland( Artmonth Ameland ; wad-dialogues EVANDA
images on this website under: installaties; EVANDA

12 juli - 10 aug 2014
Art route Open Stal in Oldeberkoop
2 books at De Schrieversronde locatie 8

6 september - 21 sept 2014
exhibition at Piloersema of Hamsterborg in Den Ham
duo with Wianda Keizer, ook EVANDA

1 july - 1 sept 2014
(part ) WAD-dialogue van EVANDA
info-centrum van Het Groninger Landschap
Buitenplaats Noordkust, Hoofdstraat 83, 9968 AB, Pieterburen
open: di -zo 13.00 tot 17.00 uur

Gallery Wies Willemsen
18 mei tot 22 juni Ruysdaelkade 25 1072 AH Amsterdam
tursday- Sundays 13:00 tot 18:00 and on call

Exhibition with Waddenkunstkring and German artists
Martin Luther Haus, Leer (D) van 26 april tot 1 september 2014.
v.Kirschstrasse 54 26789 Leer

Buitenplaats Noordkust;solo 10 april tot 30 juni
Hoofdstraat 83 9968 AB Pieterburen
Open: dinsdag t/m zondag van 13.00 tot 17.00 uur.

Art op on postcard size from 45 international artists with 3 wof my works
from 18-7 until 6-10 2013
Vosselmanstraat 299
7311 CL Apeldoorn


Werk of me ( Eva Kipp) and work that Wianda Keizer and I made together
in het King St. Stephen Museum in Székesfehérvár, Hongarije. Juni - Octobre 2013

WAD-DIALOOG door Wianda en Eva
te zien op de expositie van 10 leden van de Waddenkunstkring
20 juli t/m 11 augustus 2013
Sint Willibrorduskerk, Tsjerkestrjitte 11, 9151HV Holwerd
Geopend vrijdag, zaterdag en zondag van 11.00 17.00 uur

In Wattenmeer ohne Grenzen Wattenmeer besucherzentrum,
paper / bookobjects 27 januari 6 april

Exhibitions autumn 2012:
1 octobre- 7 decembre MATRICES 2012 Bienale Electrographic Art
Próféta Galery Budapest Hongarije.

14 juli-23 septembre CODA Museum Vosselmarktstraat 299 7311CL Apeldoorn
Sieraadvormen 3Djuwelery paper objects

7 september 23 september Gallerie Koetshuis Mensingeweg 3, 9301 KA Roden,
Pakkend Papier (Touching paper) With slide diaries and paperart